Argentina is known worldwide as a real paradise for hunting and fishing. This is due to the great extensions of land that provide the perfect habitat for a great number and diversity of animals. Our main hunting area is located in the Province of La Pampa, due to the high concentration of game and the number of species found there. Our other hunting areas include the Province of Entre Rios and Buenos Aires where we have hunting grounds for specific species. In all of these areas we provide big game hunts and wing shooting according to the species sought and the preferences of our clients. As far as the fishing is concerned we focus our activities in two areas. Patagonia, which is one of the top trout fishing places of the world and Entre Rios where we offer fantastic fishing for Dorado and other challenging species.


Lodging in the hunting areas takes place mainly within our own game reserves. Our service is intended to offer our clients excellent accommodations, gourmet meals and fantastic wines together with an unforgettable hunting or fishing experience. In 2009 we finished our largest project yet, which is our new hunting lodge there right on our ranch.

Species Starts DD/MM Ends DD/MM Allowed Quantities
Red Stag 01/03 15/07 Without limit
European Boar 01/01 31/12 2 per day per hunter
European Sow 01/03 31/08 2 per day per hunter
Puma 01/01 31/07 1 per season
Blackbuck 01/01 31/12 Without limit
Fallow Deer 01/03 31/07 Without limit
Axis Deer 01/01 31/12 Without limit
Mouflon 01/01 31/12 Without limit
Multi-horn Ram 01/01 31/12 Without limit
Feral Goat 01/01 31/12 Without limit
Water Buffalo 01/01 31/12 Without limit
Hybrid Ram 01/01 31/12 Without limit
Brockett Deer 01/05 31/08 1 per season
Duck 01/05 31/07
Geese 15/05 31/07
Partridge 01/05 31/07
Pigeon 01/01 31/12
Dove 01/01 31/12