Adam Clements Safari Trackers Inc. offers hunting all over Texas from free range whitetail hunts in the Northern Panhandle to Texas Antelope to wild and preserve bird hunts to any species of exotic that is offered throughout the state.

Wing Shooting in Northwest Texas

North West Texas is a fantastic bird hunting destination. It is a great location to visit for the true bird hunter. Whether it be pheasant, ducks, crane, dove, geese or turkey our outfitter is sure to provide for you a second to none experience. Our outfitter scouts out the locations that will be hunted every day to make sure that the next days hunt will be a success.


Pheasant hunt: $225 per gun (month of December) Supplemented population (wild and pen raised birds).

Goose hunt: $200 per gun (November 15- Feb 3) Guides, Dogs, Decoys included.

Duck hunt: $150 per gun (November 1-Jan 20) Guides, Dogs, Decoys included.

Crane hunt: $175 per gun (November 1- Feb 3) Guides , Dogs, Decoys included.

Turkey hunt: $850 per gun (Late March- Mid May) Lodging, meals, guides, Decoys, Bird cleaning included. Also up to 2 hogs included. $250 per additional gobbler.

We also have additional lodging for our wing shooters at $25 per hunter per night.

Morani River Ranch

The Morani River Ranch is a 3,000-acre game paradise nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Running along 4.5 miles of the spring fed Nueces River, the ranch is a diverse wildlife habitat that includes oak bottoms, pecan groves, prickly pear cactus, mesquite, yucca, cedars, black brush and many other species of native plants, trees and grasses.

Native wildlife include Whitetail Deer, Rio Grande Turkey, Mourning dove, White wing dove, and Bobcat. Panoramic views of the ranch and the Nueces River Valley from the impressive historical landmark, Chalk Bluff, will still your heart and move your soul, from a nice easy walk to the most challenging hike. Walk to the top of the famous Texas landmark Chalk Bluff and experience the shear 500 foot drop of “Lover Leap” into the river below. Here you will see for miles to the head waters of the Nueces River as it winds deep into the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This panoramic view is a favorite of guests in the evenings as a place to sit back, relax and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets anywhere. It is also a great place to bring your sweetie.

There many species of native bird including road runners, morning and white wing dove, Turkey and quail. We have over 600 big game animals on the ranch, so there is never a dull moment. Some of our more popular species include our Zebra Herd which usually has several colts of different ages, our American Bison, Texas Longhorns, Axis Deer, Black buck, Scimitar, 5 different species of sheep, Sable Antelope and Kudu.  However, the ranch boasts over 60 huntable species of exotics, and specializes in rare goats and sheep from around the world including: Siberian Ibex, Markhor, Nubian Ibex, CriCri Ibex, and Transcaspian Urial.  The Morani is heavily involved with conservation efforts in conjunction with the Exotic Wildlife Association and contributes to research and reintroduction projects for endangered species such as the Dama Gazelle.


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