Our outfitter has been leading successful trophy hunts in Southeast Alaska since 1990. We’re dedicated to providing top quality fair-chase hunts for Mountain Goat, Brown and Black Bear. We also offer non-hunting trips for photography, sightseeing, and whale and bear watching excursions.  Your comfort is assured with first class accommodations aboard our 80′ yacht luxury yacht. We are dedicated to giving you and your party the personal attention and service you deserve. Experience the trip of a lifetime with professionals who love what they do.

Whether you’re after Brown Bear, Black Bear, Deer or Mountain Goat, our premier Alaska hunting excursions are your trip of a lifetime.  One- to four-day (or longer) scenic photography and wildlife watching trips are also available.

Bear Hunts

In the huge old growth rain forests of southeastern Alaska, brown and black bear roam, feeding on salmon from the hundreds of small streams and rivers, or munching on sedge in the misty grass flats at the forest’s edge. With their population density far surpassing any other area in North America, these bears provide a wonderfully unique and exciting personal hunting experience found only in southeastern Alaska’s wilderness.  We, along with a few well chosen assistant guides, personally guide our clients on all bear hunts. Brown bear hunts are one to one. Black bear hunts are generally two to one.  In spring, we’ll hunt bears on remote beaches and grass flats from our 16 foot boats or from shore. On a ten-day hunt in spring you can expect to see 20 to 30 brown bears. we commonly see many more black bears in the spring or fall.  In fall, we hunt on small creeks teaming with salmon, from the mouths to a half-mile upstream. Walking is generally very easy, and with plenty of action fairly close, these hunts are usually very exciting. A typical shot on a spring hunt is 100 to 150 yards; fall distances are 25 to 100 yards. On a ten-day hunt in fall you can expect to see 20 to 30 brown bears. We hunt separate islands for brown and black bears in Southeast Alaska, as the two species do not share habitats. For brown bears, we hunt in Game Management Unit 4, and for black bears, Game Management Units 1 & 3.  On Fall and early Spring black bear hunts it is not uncommon to see wolves, so you may have a chance for a wolf as well. You’ll also see abundant sea life and beautiful country on your trip. Come and join us for an exciting and unique hunt.

Fall Brown Bear

Fall Brown Bear in Togiak Wildlife Refuge of Alaska. Outfitter has exclusive guiding rights to this wilderness area. Bear numbers are at an all time high and typically you will see several bears every day. Success runs 80% with everybody having a chance to harvest a bear. The past season even with very rainy conditions still produced 5 bears for 6 hunters with an average size of 9 feet and one monster over the magic 10 foot mark. Accommodations are in a comfortable tent camp on a lake. Often bears are spotted from the camp and a stalk initiated from there. Ordinarily this is not a hunt requiring miles of slogging across the tundra but can be conducted by glassing from a vantage point near camp and then pursuing the bear after it has been deemed large enough. Price covers everything other than bush flight from Dillingham to camp, license and tags.

Moose Hunt

This Moose hunt is in very remote area of Alaska range. Early hunts are 10 days with the last and rut hunt being 5 days. This is a gentleman’s hunt with all the fun and grandeur of Alaska without the back breaking work associated with the traditional moose hunt. The terrain is conducive to use of a ATV that saves many miles of walking. The area is fairly open allowing much of the hunting to be done spot and stalk with sightings of 10 or more bulls per day common. The area has a 50 inch and 4 brow time rule which means any moose you shoot will be a mature animal. The past few year’s averages were 58″ and 60″ in spread. Expectations should be for at least one or more shooting opportunities at a nice bull. Accommodations are in heated wall tents with cots for sleeping. Showers are also provided. The price includes bush flight to camp and transportation of trophies to expediter in Anchorage.  License, tags, transfers from Fairbanks to bush strip for flight to camp,  and necessary accommodations before and after the hunt are only extras.

Goat Hunts

Hunting the majestic mountain goat, and just being in the country they inhabit, can be the unforgettable experience of a lifetime! Most hunters lucky enough to secure a trophy will tell you, “Goats don’t come easy!”  Mountain goat habitats are harsh and unforgiving. Much time and energy are needed to successfully negotiate the poor late-season weather conditions and rugged terrain found on hunts for the long-haired trophy mountain goat. We also offer a custom late-season mountain goat hunt. We have enjoyed a nearly 100% success rate on our goat hunts!  Our five-week season runs from the last week of October to the end of November. These goats, found only in the coastal mountains of Southeast Alaska, have incredibly beautiful long hair at this time of year. The goats are in rut during this season; combined with snow and cold weather, this pushes them to lower altitudes where they are more accessible, making the hunt enjoyable for everyone, without undue danger or stress.  Accessibility and premier accommodations make our mountain goat hunt one of the best available in North America. You’ll see many goats each day, and hunt in incredibly scenic country.


2014-2015 Alaska Pricing

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