Uganda offers some of the most exceptional hunting on the African continent. Like Ethiopia, CAR, and Cameroon, it provides opportunity for hunters to seek specialty game found only in that country. It is a safe country, and allows for the hunter to embark on a truly wild and unique safari. Uganda is THE premier destination for hunting East African and Island Sitatunga, as well as Uganda Kob and Nile Buffalo. There is a myriad of other species that can be taken in Uganda. The convenient part of hunting in Uganda is that it can be added onto an existing safari while already in Africa due to the relative ease of getting there. Our outfitter maintains two primary concessions in the Kafu River Basin, and Aswa Lolim ranches. The Kafu River Basin covers about 5,000,000 hectares. The landscape in Kafu is mainly dominated by Papyrus swamps and dense bush thickets. Therefore it is a prime hunting ground for the East African Sitatunga, East African Bush Duiker, East African Bohor Reedbuck, Nile Bushbuck, Ugandan Defassa Waterbuck, Leopard, Common Oribi and Bush Pig. Aswa Lolim lies on the eastern side of the Nile. It covers 500,000 hectares and shares 110 km direct border with Murchsion Falls National Park in the south and about 78 km with the Nile in the west. The landscape is dominated by light rolling grass hills with palm trees, small valleys with creeks and light forest. Near the river you find dense forests and large stretches of papyrus swamps. Although many commercial farmers have settled in this prime hunting ground, it still realistic to get Nile Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Hartebeest and Waterbuck.