Ethiopia offers hunters a wide array of species that are not found anywhere else in the world. It offers unique safari experiences, from the West, to Mountains in the Southeast, and even the Northern desert regions. Visiting such a unique country full of indigenous wildlife, culture, and tribes, makes the experience in and of itself a success.

The Mountain Nyala is a trophy of trophies. There is something about this very unique spiral horn that makes it well sought after. The Mountain Nyala, only indigenous to Ethiopia, is like no other of its subspecies counterparts.

Our camps are fully equipped with all the necessities, and although rustic and bush like, they don’t lack comfort and class. Camps are mostly chalet-style, with ensuite shower and toilets. They cater to women in many different aspects. The food is definitely a culinary experience, eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, accompanied by that days game meat, makes for nothing less than a flavorful meal.

Hunting is an adventure. It is the whole experience that encompasses your trip that makes it a great hunt at the end of the day. Comradery, culture, local tribes, food, rapport with PH, species encounter and taken, and camps are all things that affect your experience. Knowing this we strive to achieve a unique and complete experience on each hunt for each hunter, individually and personalized. From the planning, to the actual hunt, to the enduring friendships made, we look forward to offering you a complete experience, no matter where we take you.