We work with one of the most exclusive safari companies in Central Africa, offering safaris in one of the most remote areas to be found on this magnificent continent: The heart of a wilderness within the heart of Africa.

In the eastern Central African Republic lies a vast territory, covering more than 20 million hectares, totally free of any human encroachment. This is the land where the rain forest of Congo meets with the rolling hills and the savannas of the north. It stretches from fast flowing and crystal clear streams in the rain forests and mountains to the mighty, lazy rivers of Mbari, Chinko and Vovodo, where they flow along huge plains and swamps.

Our area covers one million hectares in the middle of this wilderness. None of this land has ever been hunted by white men before. Most of it has never even been hunted by natives. It’s simply too far away. The area is very special in the way that we can combine Savannah hunting with forest hunting, as both biotopes are present throughout the whole concession. You may in the morning hunt the majestic Lord Derby Eland and in the evening track one of our forest trails for the elusive Bongo. Or why not call for lion? We entirely hunt our lions either by tracking or by calling in early mornings or late afternoons. This is one of the most adrenaline rushing hunts one can ever experience.

Hunting in CAR

The diversity of the fauna in CAR is quite remarkable, since the country hosts nearly 200 mammal species and approximately 450 bird species. This diversity is mostly due to the country’s location at the junction between two major climate areas, the dry dessert to the north and the rain forest to the south. Considering this large diversity, it’s not surprising that CAR also has a higher number of huntable prestigious game species than most other African countries.

Here, the Lord Derby Eland shares his land with the Bongo, Lions live off the numerous Buffalo herds, and Leopards are abundant throughout the whole country. Sitatungas share the swamps with Giant Forest Hogs, while Yellow Back Duikers and Red River Hogs forage the canopy floor of the tropical forests. The Giant Topi, the Western Roan and Lelwels Hartebeest share the same magnificent country, not to mention the eight different duikers that live here. A large variety of monkeys also thrive in this extraordinary biotope, ranging from the great Lowland Gorilla to Chimpanzees and the colorful Colobus Monkey. Vervet Monkeys share the bush with the Patas, while Mona Monkeys share the forest galleries with Greater White Nosed Monkeys and the Brazza Monkey.

The most untouched area in CAR is situated in the eastern part of the country. From the last scattered settlements, it stretches for miles and miles, over mountains and rivers, crosses the border of Sudan and still continues. This vast wilderness is one of the last in Africa. Covering more than 20 million hectares, it forms a land that still looks the same as when the first white hunters started out on foot over the continent. This is the land where the lion still is the beast, where the buffaloes have not yet heard the sound of flying bullets, and where the usually shy Giant Eland can stop and just look at this new two legged species, not understanding what it is. It’s a land that we forgot existed.

More than anywhere else, hunting in CAR is a work of good marksmanship. But even though the hunting in this country can often be both hard and thankless, you will always know at the end of the day that you have participated in something special: a hunt that is conducted in the way it’s always been done in this part of Africa, by tracking or calling, using all senses. When your trackers lead you through the vegetation and show you the signs left from the animals passing in front of you, you feel that you are becoming a part of the team and the nature around you, as you start to recognize the sounds, the signs and the different scents. All of this will come together and make of you what is required for hunting Central Africa: a hunter who feels, knows and scents his terrain, a hunter who is using all his senses and, most of all, a hunter who hunts more with his heart than with his head.


Our company has the rights to area 40 and 41 in the eastern part of Central African Republic. These are some of, if not t h e most remote areas in Africa today. No road is closer than a hundred kilometers away, leaving the concession totally separated from the rest of the world in the middle of a twenty million hectare wilderness. The size of this uninhabited land makes it one of the last truly unexplored and untouched areas in Africa.